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First Post


I’m finally coming to terms with the notion that I can’t use the name “hypervisible” and not have a public-facing space (of “my own”). So what goes in this surveilled space? My plan is to use it for for a few purposes: as a space to work out some of the things I’m thinking and writing about; as a central space for the public scholarship I do at the intersections of pedagogy, data, surveillance, access, digital redlining, and privacy; as a space to engage other people doing similar work.

I’ve been tremendously influenced and challenged by the work of several brilliant public scholars: Audrey Watters, Kate Bowles, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Bill Fitzgerald, Frank Pasquale, Paul Prinsloo, Cathy O’Neil, Jeffrey Alan Johnson, Autumm Caines . . . and ultimately I want this space to be a place where I might ruminate (along with whoever may be paying attention at the time) on the work that’s done by these folks and folks like them.