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Data Mining and Students

It seems like ages ago that Hugh Culik and I recorded a podcast with Les Howard about data mining and students, but it was only last February. Most of these issues remain, and in many cases have only become more severe in terms of tracking and analyzing students with little regard for their privacy and  often without their consent.


  1. aon
    aon October 30, 2016

    I loved this podcast and will continue to share it with friends in the tech industry. The discussion allows us to look at certain scenarios with fresh eyes, and not just as developers and end-users, or as engineers constrained by budget, time, and technology. Being mindful of potential ethical failures must become as important as knowing areas of functional failure. Twitter’s current trolling woes exemplify the importance of such considerations. Not to say that Twitter’s software is bad or that it’s idea was wrong, but rather that it’s unanticipated misuse has revealed much about human behavior. The effect of certain tools on human behavior, or how human behavior can affect the way a tool is used, with respect to software, has a tangible face in Twitter.

    All that aside, Hugh and Chris have a natural rapport that makes them enjoyable to listen to. They are so well versed in this subject, that even the new ideas seem manageable and familiar.

    More podcasts please!

    • Chris
      Chris November 8, 2016

      We have a few coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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